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If you want to be happy, creative, calm and productive you have come to the right place.

Life is a series of highs and lows. The trick to success lies in how we innovate on a daily basis in our personal and professional lives to navigate through the good and the bad times.

Many times when we are in a situation we know what we should be doing, we may even know how we should be doing it, but because our body is so stressed and our mind is in such turmoil we cannot think and act clearly. Our brains are so overloaded with thoughts and ideas, that we cannot properly sift through the various thoughts to think rationally and calmly. In such an overload how, then, can we expect to create space in our head for new and innovative ideas to deal with our situation – be it personal or professional.

This is where yoga and the art of laughter come into the picture. Both work to clear the mind and the body of stress and thought overload. When the mind is relieved of unnecessary thoughts space is created for new and innovative ideas to flow in. With relaxation comes the ability and the energy to process these new ideas into successful and winning processes.

Innovation is the key to everything we do. Corporations place high importance on innovation and new product development for competitiveness and profitability. Leaders initiate innovation and one of the most important things businesses are looking for is "The Next Big Thing". Today’s environment demands and rewards innovation and leadership.

But How do we get there? How do we come up with new solutions to old problems? How do we figure out how to implement the new ideas successfully? How do we succeed?

Innovation, in an organization is "everyone’s" business and duty. Employees of all levels can and should participate, as innovative ideas and their successful implementation need to flow through the organization.

But for that to happen employees need a nurturing and accepting environment. They need a leader who is open to considering ideas that are proposed by others, one who is willing to give credit where it’s due, an employer who will reward employees for "thinking outside the box". In other words they need a good leader.

I have, therefore, created workshops geared for leadership, for innovation and for laughter.

There is something for everyone.

Sushil Bhatia





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